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John H. Barker, MD, PhD

A native of Santa Barbara California, Dr. Barker did his undergraduate studies at Santa Barbara City College and the University of California at Santa Barbara.  He received his medical degree (MD) in his motherís home country of Argentina, at the National University of Cordoba and went on to receive his doctor of medicine degree (PhD) at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Upon finishing his postgraduate studies in Heidelberg, Dr. Barker began his academic career at the University of Louisville as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Departments of Physiology and Surgery and went on to faculty positions as Assistant, Associate and Full Professor of Surgery, with Adjunct Professorship positions in the Departments of Anatomy and Immunology.

Dr. Barker founded the Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory at the University of Louisville in 1989.  Since then, his laboratory has grown in size and international reputation maintaining sister laboratories in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Frankfurt, Germany and Cordoba, Argentina.

Dr Barkerís research focuses on microcirculation, dynamic myoplasty and composite tissue allotransplantation and has led to the introduction of 3 new surgical treatments; the use of surgical delay to enhance latisimus dorsi muscle viability when used in cardiomyoplasty, the development of a new gracilis muscle free flap neo-sphincter for treating urinary incontinence, and human hand transplantation. Presently his research is laying the ground work to perform human face transplantation. Dr Barkerís laboratory has received over $5 million in research funding, published over 250 scientific articles, made over 200 presentations at scientific meetings, and has been awarded over 30 prestigious awards.

Dr Barkerís teaching includes training over 100 graduate and post graduate research fellows from 20 countries and mentoring 14 Masters of Science and 15 PhD degree students.

In addition to teaching and research, Dr Barker is active in technology transfer, taking University research from the laboratory to the market place, and several programs that provide humanitarian assistance and educational opportunities in Latin America.

Among the many prestigious awards Dr Barker has received he is most proud of having been honored with ďHonoris CausasĒ Professorship from his alma mater, the National University of Cordoba. Only 2 other Americans have received this honor; Dr Stanley Crawford, one of the fathers of modern cardiac surgery and Adlai Stevenson, US Ambassador to the United Nations and 2 time US Presidential candidate.


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