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A Small Volunteer with Big Memories

Hi, my name is Allyson Akers and I would like to tell you about my trip to Guatemala.  I am only 12 years old and I took a trip to Central America by myself, but with a group of doctors.  None of the doctors were (my) relatives, it was pretty fun.  At first when Dr. John Barker asked me if I wanted to go, I thought he was joking but finally I believed him.  You are probably wanting to know more about my trip and what I thought, but I only have space to tell you a little.

When we drove to the Hotel (Antigua), I was a lot of American gas stations and fast food restaurants.  I remember one time when Michelle, another girl that went, got a big can of chalk and started handing it out to the kids.

The kids loved it, and later when we looked down the road, we saw colorful pictures all up and down the road.  While helping the surgical team, there was one time when I went in to watch a young lady get sewn up.  I remember she wasnít put to sleep, instead the doctors gave her a shot around the cut they were sewing up.  I held her hand, after a while I looked down at my thumb because I felt weak.  My thumb was pale, I looked up and the room started to spin and then I fainted.  The funny part was she knew I was fainting some how and she held onto my hand to keep me from falling to the floor and getting hurt.  I also remember when we went to the convent and we went up to the top of the roof.  They were having a band contest and Erin, Michelle, and I started to dance to the beat, John videotaped the whole thing!  I have told you the most memorable and most embarrassing stories form the trip.  There is a whole lot more stuff to tell you, but I donít have the time.  It was a pretty exciting trip!


                                                                                                                         Allyson Akers

                                                                                                                         Middle School Student, Volunteer

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